Urban Void. 

Photography was always just a way of capturing memories of places I had been to, but after discovering the work of Edward Burtynsky, I realised that landscape photography can be used to show something more.I’d looked at the striking works of Burtynsky in depth, which left me in awe looking at these huge landscapes which were both beautiful and ugly at the same time.


But then I stumbled across the works of Lewis Baltz, whose abstract urban landscapes were strikingly simple but effective in conveying a message of an individual troubled by a landscape being swallowed by urbanisation. His outlook on the world the same as Edward Burtynsky, but their respective visions totally different. So with Baltz in mind, I started to think about the urban landscape where I live, and ultimately my connection to it.


I spent time wandering around car parks, industrial estates and housing estates. I noticed two things; 


Either we plaster a once green landscape with concrete and put nature back, in the form of trees and shrubbery etc. Out of place like islands in an ocean. Or we build into and towards nature, sharing boundaries with it. 


So this project looks at our connection to a landscape, through our use of a suburbia. Not be political about it, or to oppose urbanisation. But to simply engage with a landscape and show how it is. The aim is to discover how we live in a landscape and manipulate it to be a ‘ideal’.