Land of the Fallen.

​In the summer of 2018, with a desire for a project on my mind, my love of adventure and the outdoors 

led me to Slaley Forest. A woodland consisting of 1,200 acres situated 21 miles from Newcastle 

in the North of England. 

​I arrived only to see the carcass of a forest; almost unrecognisable, a landscape which was distorted and 

manipulated by mankind, whose footprint was distressingly evident.


For me, photographing a landscape was always a connection to its beauty, but this encounter was 

different. For a reason I could not understand at the time, I now suddenly had a desire to photograph 

to connect me to something which I did not find beautiful.


​Soon after this visit to Slaley Forest, Land of the Fallen was conceived, mainly through this love of the 

landscape and my concern for the future of the environment, but also a desire to highlight our own 

connection to the world that we live in.