My name is Tom, I'm a photographer from Middlesbrough, NorthEast England. My prefered practice primarily consists of traditional methods; Medium Format film and a Twin Lens Reflex camera. Even though I choose to use traditional equipment.

My passion for photography was first ignited through a passion for the outdoors; going hiking and wanting to capture photographs to take home these amazing places with me. I also always maintained a passion for environmental sustainability. This, in recent times, has led me to move away from traditional landscape photography and focus my skills on photographing aspects of the landscape which are not natural, but a product of man-kind. My current projects aim to highlight these man-made landscapes.

If you don't find me behind the lens, you will often find me researching. Taking the main inspiration in my own work from photographers such as Edward Burtynsky, Robert Adams and Yan Preston, I researched and wrote a dissertation whilst studying photography at The Northern School of Art about environmentalism and photography, how they both link together and can co-exist to create a powerful medium to potentially trigger the remediation of a sustainable future and inspire change in their viewers. This was a lengthy process which ultimately gave me a high level of knowledge about how photography can be a powerful tool.

Feel free to browse my gallery and feel free to contact me anytime about my work, myself or even for a chat!